Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life without list...

Long ago in a not so distant time I had dreams. Dreams to try something new, to be someone different (but the same), to find some yet undiscovered talent. I laid out the plans in my mind and the inspiration was tucked away in my heart for another day.

But today is the day. God made it, made me and set it in motion to bring him glory. So with that in mind what I choose to do with it is an extension of him. Do I choose to waste this day filling my brain with useless things or do I choose to add something beautiful to the world? Even if thats just hugging my babies (who are babies no more) while pointing out the blue sky (the tapestry of his grace). Perhaps its writing inspiration within the hearts of others.... God created you for a purpose!! Or maybe its using the hands, the voice, the heart, the eyes, the ears he gave me. Every little piece of this gift to seek out what lies hidden. To serve, to add beauty, to love like Jesus, to create legacies (treasures) that time can not destroy.

Just now my hubby handed me hot, cheese grits that he served in a baby blue bowl. Thick and buttery with the steam rising from it. He just created a thankful moment, warmth from the cold and a memory of daddy's love in the childrens mind. It's a small thing, but its take creativity. The fine art of grit making. A legacy of love and care. A heart like Jesus. Hard working man still humble enough to tie on the apron strings & serve his family instead of expecting to be served. Though he fully deserves to be after a week working in the rain & cold.

Today we will explore spring in bloom and bake a loaf of bread intended for our first family communion. I will try my hand at something I havent before and test these arms. Kneading/ Needing more of him in the here and now. The hear and now where the best legacies are created.

Looking back at a long ago list I see need in me. A need to be something more as if living as is isnt enough, but now that Ive crossed somethings off the list I feel pretty certain that who I am is more than enough. I will still try my hand at something new, but my motivation is different. Its not about being more, its about being fully who God created me to be. Its about the act of creating itself and not the outcome. Its about bringing God glory in all I do, not bringing me glory in all I do.

In the last year things have been subtracted from the list. I got the guitar, but so far Ive only learned to tune it (kinda). I tried my hand at embroidering, but mainly just gained a better appreciation for those tiny little details. I also tried some things that never made it to a list, but most importantly Im learning to live without a list. Let the creator of all things be the inspiration to create. To live like, "Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." I dont need to check off things on a list. I just dare to dream as big as God.


  1. I really love this post. I'm a listmaker too! I have a list of things I want to do before I die. That list has changed SO much over the past several years. Having children changed it a lot. I bet God looks at our lists and laughs. Silly Humans we are, trying to plan our lives ourselves! :)

  2. Oh, Im sure he does. Ive decided too shorten my list to 2 things...
    1. Love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind and strenth and to love others as myself.
    2. Live each day fully.
    That should just about cover everything. lol


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