Monday, April 5, 2010

Add it to the list

Things I would like to learn or do, but will most likely add to my long list of ...." put off to another day!"
  • embroidering (by the way I am not in the least bit patient enough for this.)
  • crocheting, knitting or sewing (ditto)
  • candlemaking & soapmaking ( somewhere in this demented mind of mine I have a dream of selling soaps, candles & boiled peanuts. oh dont laugh! you know you'd be shopping there) 
  • beadwork
  • guitar (yes I dream of sitting beside the campfire, guitar in hand, singing soft lullabies to the family & the occasional passerby.)
  • all things homesteading.... raising chickens, milking goats, getting honey from my bees, making potent medicines from my wide array of medicinal herbs growing out back, preparing for the apocolypse. (only problem is I want to live within a few miles of shopping & resteraunts, Im not especially fond of animals or hardwork & when given extra time I usually choose to go to the mountains)
To be continued.........


  1. Nicole,

    I can teach the basics of sewing with a machine if you ever want to come over. I can also teach you how to sew with a needle and thread, but don't count myself an expert by any means..if we ever have another sewing class at church I will let you know.

    Also, LG and I both dream of learning to play the guitar.

    I can teach you how to grow a garden and can your own food (put up as they say) It is super easy to make your own freezer jam. Again if we ever have any classes at church. Mormons are HUGE about preparing for the Appocolypse (not really) but we are huge into preparedness. I have a three month supply of food and a year's worth of wheat. Come over any time and I will show you what I know..really.

    And if you weren't being serious in this post, just pretend like I didn't say any of that. :)

    I LOVE LEARNING. I wish we could all go back 100 years so we would know that stuff. Now, we have google, but we can't do anything for ourselves.

    Lovin this holy holy holy song.

  2. thanks Alice. yes I am serious & i would love to go to a class or come over sometime. i just started working on embroidering the other day. i truly believe we are failing our children by not passing on some basic skills. scotts mom made sure he knew how to sew & i can do some basic stitches (enough to mend clothing), but I would love to learn to do more. my niece raises chickens & goats. She also sews, cans & gardens. She is quite incredible & she taught herself. Ive always wanted to learn, but I lose interest fast on most things. We will have to get together & share our homesteading skills. Yes we are complete nerds, but nerds that many will turn to in the event of a national crisis. hehe


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