Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hidden Wings

I feel like Ive found wings and Im aching to take off.  I feel like I could do anything. Yet it hurts to know that I wasted so much time limping around like a wounded bird. I dont know how it is that I became so afraid or at what point I stopped believing in possibilites. I want to take back the years, because a part of me feels too old for these dreams.
For the first time in a very long time I  believe that I can! I  believe I  could learn something new, I  could have some yet undiscovered gift that God has been waiting to release in me. I can take the risk and leave the fear of falling to pieces in Gods hands...... very much unafraid!
I feel like God has opened my eyes. Given me the vision of myself from his perspective and it is good. It is my card board testimony lived out in flesh and blood......... "Now overflowing with peace, love, confidence and hope."

These hidden wings have long since ached
Wrapped tightly in a veil of flesh
The light reveals what was unknown and
I fight the skin that has concealed
Borrowed visions have stirred the heart
Lending life to first time fliers
Giving hope to long gone dreams
Setting fledglings on their path.

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