Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Half Light

I want to write. I want to use color & pictures, music weaved among my words. I want to break out in song & dance. I want to find more words... write about sunsets, mountaintops, artful arrangments of lint. I want to learn new names for God.... one who brings words, that which brings life, the one who opens doors.
I want to try something new.. a new skin and give new meaning to doing away with the old. I want daily suprises and then I want to share them. I want new ways to start;
"I saw misery in her face & it needed to written.",
"I opened the door and before me stood everything.",
"Nicole was a good girl, but goodnesss can be defined in many ways."
I want my words to reflect what I see of God and by them let others see it too. I want to live in the half light, the foggy inbetween before you have started the day. Before you have begun to edit all you say. I want pictures painted and thoughts brought into existence. Then left dangling open ended. I want run on sentences......
blah, blah-blah, blah, blah, blah
I want empty space where only God can exist...

                          "i AM that i AM!!!"

I want great finales, exclamation points, question marks, comas waiting for more.
I want to write like Im living...

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