Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Project 52: Week 12...

Things are finally getting back to normal which for us will be a new normal. One where we don't take for granted each day and where we show so much love that we make people sick. In a your kinda freaking me out cuz you love me so much, but I'm kinda loving it too way. My mind has been racing with things I want to write about (Boy do I love it when God does that!!) and I'm getting my groove back. Truth be told I lost it for a little bit. My niece's death kinda knocked me off my feet in a suprising way. Left things blurry, but its clearing out. Thankfully I have good friends who walk with me through the tough times and stay the course with me.

Week in and week out.

Week 12 (May 21st-27th)...

This past week...

  • said good bye to another chicken. Their dropping like flies around here. Now were down to 2. 
  • spent another eventful night with the family at our monthly get togethers which consisted of a 3 mile night hike through the backwoods of Sunbright (aka boonies) with only a cell phone light. no pictures, but lets just say I might have got stuck in the mud on a flooded dirt road, we might also have ended up with 20 ticks between the 4 of us and I might have lost my religion at various points during the walk. We also had the rest of the family come looking for us since we were only supposed to be gone for 15 minutes. 3hrs later we arrive covered in mud, ticks and sweat. However it really was a good time and some well spent time with the niece, nephew in law, great niece and brother. Definitely a memory that will stick with us. 
  • spent the weekend camping in Cades Cove with our good friends the Browns. Camping with the Browns= eating really good food and homemade ice cream & brownies, great conversation, husbands acting silly (see pic below), lounging around, cards, corn hole, hiking to waterfall & swimming
  • (the kids and I) went to my very good friend Shannon's Ice Cream Social to help her raise funds and ate yummy Marble Slab. Support her here.
Lotus and Lena being silly at Marble Slab
  • got to spend some much needed time with Shannon before she headed back to Haiti. Panera how I love you.
  • cuddled up in the hammock with Ari. Thank you Brad for leaving that behind when you moved. You have no idea how much we love it.
  • started reading the book "Anything" by Jennie Allen which is incredible.
  • had some great conversations with great friends. Topics.. Faith and politics.
  • held the cutest baby goat ever. I have proof, Goats love me!!
So there it is our week in a review. Life is good!!

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