Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not so once a month meals...

 During a conversation I had with my friend Amanda the other day we discussed once a month cooking. Well actually she told me all about it while I watched her do her cooking for the month. I was intrigued and thought I might try my hand at this once a month cooking because as you know I eat out way too much. However today as I sat down to plan my meals (and cruise pinterest) I was reminded of all the great meals I had yet to try. The recipes I had pinned, but never found the time to make. So I got to thinking what if I did something different. What if instead of once a month cooking I make a 14day meal plan that includes all those recipes I've been wanting to try. With some desserts thrown in. Of course I should actually call it a challenge because I'm lazy. And just so you know I will gladly have people over if you want to join me. Just choose the meal and let me know.

(excuse the multiple tofu dishes, but we have a freezer full just waiting to be used)

For dinner: 
(Nice & Easy night) oven baked hotdogs, chips
(My man loves mexican night) slow cooker enchiladas, chips & cheese, fresh fruit
(Grilling night) fajita burgers, mexican grilled corn, smashed potatoes
(Easy italian night) ravioli with sauteed zucchini, easy parmasan knots, fresh fruit
(BBQ night) slow cooked bbq tofu, cream cheese corn 
(For the love of peanuts night) peanut sauce baked tofu, ramen noodles
(Mediterranian night) falafal pie 
(I love the lime night): sweet chili lime tofu, quinoi
(Comfort food night): slow baked mac & cheese, farmhouse carrots
(Burger night): long boy burgers,dijon potatoes
(Breakfast for dinner night) roasted tomato grits with goat cheese, crusty bread
(Lets pretend were healthy night):honey walnut power salad
(Party night) texas trash dip, chips
(So the kids dont kill me night) pizza grilled cheese , chips

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