Monday, March 12, 2012

Project 52 (The beginning)...

A little background info before I start: 1. I am not a scrapbooker. As much as I've tried I can not sit down and try to organize photos into pretty pages. 2. I am not a photographer. Typically I fail to carry a camera with me and my only saving grace now is my iphone which stays with me all the time. Thus I have more pics nowadays.

That being said I still want a way to capture the special moments of life. A way to record our daily lives. So what is the best way for me to do that? Well I have finally found a way I think I can handle thanks to Michelle over at 8 of a Kind Family. 

Her system... record it on the blog. Make the blog the scrapbook and once a week record what happened in the past week. Okay she actually scraps too using Becky Higgins Project Life system, but I'm going to keep things a little more simple. Her inspiration the 365 project condensed into 52 weeks which she calls Project 52.

My system.... take as many photos as I can, journal about our life and then share that here. Excited??

So here it goes.

Welcome to Week 1 of my Project 52

This week {March ? - March 11} Okay we added a few extra days since I had extra photos.

  • did lots of yard work which included clearing out a tree that fell this past summer, chopping wood, tearing down the remnants of some poison oak and burning all the old limbs. 
  • let the chickens out for the 1st time for a little outdoor time.
  • attended a join the journey dinner at White Stone church and made some new friends
  • had a scare when Killian passed out in church and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Final diagnosis: too hot, slightly dehydrated and hadn't eaten which led to blood pressure dropping and him passing out. Not a good Sunday!!
  • got loads more wood for our chicken coop, but now our backyard looks like a scrapyard.
  • ate free ice cream at Brusters in our p.j.s; then went and hung out with our good friends the Brown's.
  • made it through some pretty bad storms in the area and thanked God for a basement to rush too.
  • ate breakfast while listening to Bluegrass music as the local Hardee's and smiled because we love living in Tennessee.
  • explored our neighborhood on foot
  • found the 1st signs of spring in our yard 
  • played with Luly and gave her a much needed bath
  • made brooms stand upright by magic
Scott and the kids hard at work in the backyard. This is proof that Killian can work. 

Chickens 1st day outside.
1st signs of spring on the homestead.
Magic standing broom

  • cried because she thought she was not ever going to see her brother again when he passed out and made a promise that she would be nicer. 
  • worked hard on multi digit division and the rest of her school work
  • learned about chickens through hands on work
  • went on a worm hunt to make a worm buffet for the chickens
  • spent the night with her good friends 
  • decided she is a country girl
  • doodled in her doodle book
  • asked me to tell her the truth about Santa and the Easter bunny. I happily shared the truth with her. 
  • had a mommy/daughter shopping day with mom and visited the feed store.
  • played with the neighbor boy practically everyday this week and enjoyed the mild weather
  • understood what the pastor meant when he said, "Life can change in an instant"
  • almost gave me a heart attack with his fainting episode
  • spent the night with friends and had an air soft war
  • discussed what he might want to do for a job in the future with mom
  • talked about maybe going into law enforcement
  • continued working through Exploring America and his pre-algebra
  • fell twice while skateboarding and bares the scars to prove it
  • welded for the first time and learned about how hard his dad works
  • spent the day with Scott working on a mini bike their restoring together
  • worked way too many hours both at work and at home, but were not complaining cause God is providing
  • is working hard to spend more time with Killian even though as a teen he's not the easiest to be around.
  • is making a list of all he wants to do with the house.
  • met some great guys who love God
  • had the patience enough to teach Killian about welding
  • had my heart warmed by Killian and Scott working together.
  • planned most of the remainder of the year in homeschooling
  • looked into what we want to use for curriculum next year 
  • practiced my guitar way too little
  • made cheesecake (boxed Jello kind)
  • cleaned up more dog saliva than I wanted too
  • talked to my good friend Shannon from Haiti and found out that she will be visiting in May. :-)
  • fell in love even more with the people at White Stone
  • learned more about the history of the holidays we celebrate and questioned whether they truly honor God
  • drew up plans for a chicken coop. 
  • bought some of next years curriculum
  • found the name of a song I heard while in Haiti which I love.Stronger by Hillsong. :-)
  • took pics of my favorite places on the homestead
Picking and planning.
(Left to right from the top) My fav things about the homestead... Looking out my kitchen window while doing dishes, hanging clothes, the colors in the bathroom, the dining room/ home school area, the map, light through curtains, showering while looking up at the sky, seeing Lo's bed from our bedroom, looking out the living room window
(clockwise from top left corner) The view from the top of the hill, the creek I always wanted, the view from the bottom of the hill looking on the homestead, the wood pile awaiting future fires.

That's all for now. :-)

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  1. I love your homestead Nicole. It takes more than walls, floors and ceilings to make a home and you have found all the right ingredients to make your house a home.

    Love you
    Auntie Pirate


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