Monday, March 19, 2012

Project 52: Week 2....

Project 52: Week 2 (March 12 - 18th)

This past week....

  • mowed lawns which is strange considering its March and still officially winter.
  • worked at getting the compost pile in order and ready for a new fence
    Scott made me promise to put in the pic of him and his pitchfork. Dont ask me why??
  • pulled down some bushes so that I can sit by the creek (aka city run off area)
  • stripped the branches in preparation of making a wattle fence
  • cleaned out the temporary chicken coop and took the girls out for a little outdoor time
Notice how big they've got and ugly.
  • fed the hens worms the neighbor boy brought over for us
  • visited the duck pond and had some fun feeding ducks and geese

The kids at the Ftn. City Lake.
  • found a local grocery store that is super cheap and has all these cool old fashioned labeled cans (Grocery Store Outlet)
  • named the hens...Mae Belle, Lucy Goose, Clara Clucker, Daisy Duke, Sweet Pea & June Bug (yes their is 6 instead of the legal 5, but one of them we will be finding a family for soon)
The girls are growing up.

Daisy Duke was very curious of my Iphone.
  • ended up parking the SUV because its finally given up on us :-(
  • had Lucky Charms for breakfast on St. Patties Day and green Kool Aid. So very healthy.
Breakfast of Leprechauns
  • brought out the spring clothes 
  • had a lazy homeschooling week and took our spring break a little early 
  • found more signs of spring
  • watched "The Adventures of Tin Tin" 
  • went to bed way to late because we were enjoying the longer days
  • worked on building the chicken coop
Yes that's Killian using a saw without safety glasses and the only reason he's wearing gloves is cause I came up and complained. Remind me to not let Scott teach lifeskills. Oh that's me supervising in the middle.
  •  ate breakfast with the grandparents and made plans for a little homeschooling field trips
  • thoroughly enjoyed the warm temps and actually sweated a few times. Ugh!! 
  • found a bird nest complete with eggs in the shed. Anyone have any idea what kind they are?

We found this in a box of junk in the shed. Just amazing!!
  • rode the lawn mower like he stole it and made us realize we will not be letting him drive anytime soon
  • helped around the house quite a bit
  • actually warmed up to the chickens a little
  • gave me hugs every night before bed, but dont tell anyone
  • is growing up way too fast and has me in height by a couple of inches
  • cut wood using a handsaw and scared me half to death
  • helped build the chicken coop
  • had a friend spend the night Saturday and holed up in his for the duration
  • thought bringing out the summer clothes was as fun as going shopping
  • asked me if you get angry when you go through puberty which I answered with a "sometimes". Then she told me that she must be going through puberty cause she was angry a lot.
  • told me she was mostly grumpy about her brother which I assured her was very normal
  • showed a little attitude and a few tears which leads me to believe she might be suffering from RCS (roller coaster syndrome)
  • read her Diary of a Dorky Girl book every chance she got
  • spent the morning wrapped up in a snuggie reading her bible and writing songs
  • had her friend Cinna come over this weekend and went to the park, to get ice cream and to wade in a creek. 
Lotus and Cinna having a blast.
  • yelled at the dog for tearing my blanket. Then kissed her cause she's way too cute.
  • talked to my friend, Shannon, who lives in Haiti and smiled because she will be coming home for 3 weeks in May. P.S. please take a look over at their blog and support this great family!!!
  • got a new planner for homeschooling. It is the little things that make this girl happy.
  • had a hissy fit when the car started acting up even more.
  • walked with the girls to the park instead of driving. 1 MILE 
  • loved relaxing at the park while the girls played
(clockwise from the top) loving my Keens, Ftn. City park, me glaring from the sunlight (I look angry), taking a stroll
  • had to trust God that he will provide in spite of our broke down car.
  • started learning the chords for Brown Eyed Girl.
  • practicing more often than I had been
  • enjoyed spending more time with Killian and the random hugs I've been getting
  • sat outside in the warm sunshine and read 
  • spent way too much time on Pinterest. I cant help it I'm addicted.
  • helped with the chicken coop. That's right. ;-)
  • started memorizing verses by using Scripture Typer 
  • went on a secret mini date with the hubby. Dont tell the kids cause they would kill us for not taking them for chinese. 
Me trying to get Scott to do a normal smile in horrible flourescent lighting.

Yummy chinese food.

Oh I wonder what it could be??

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