Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whats my why?..

Tip #1 in the Hello Mornings Challenge says... "Figure out your why?". As in why do you want to get up early, what is your motivation? For me it comes down to a few sweet people who I dearly love and a very tender God that loves me more than I deserve.

My why for waking early is this...

I want to get up early for the man I've chosen to share my life with. Promised to love, honor and cherish. I want to kiss him goodbye before he leaves for work. Knowing that a work day that starts at 6am and ends at 5pm is a long time and he needs to know that I appreciate him for it. I want to start his day with a hot cup of coffee. Sit across from him while he reads the morning news. Read scripture together. And above all I want to pray over him so that he knows I got his back and God does too.

I want to wake up early for my 2 not so little ones. I want to speak peace over their day by being at peace myself. Ease the teenage grumpiness with joy that comes from meeting with God. Be an example that says God is a priority. I want to wake them ready to take on the homeschooling day. Have time to go slow, be present, enjoy them instead of rushing them. Be prepared so that there's space in the day to just be with them and not always playing catch up.

I want to wake early for my Savior. Our Savior. I want to meet with him first thing. Before I set my eyes on anyone else I want my eyes/heart focused on him. I want to spend time in his presense. At his feet. In his word. In his love. Because I know what life looks like without him, been there, done that and its not good.

All in all I know that the people in my life (God included) deserve my best and my best starts with him. So when Im begging for just 15 more minutes of sleep, when the bed is way too warm or late nights threaten to lead me astray may my heart be reminded of these things...

A God who is worthy, a husband who I love and children that hold my heart.

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