Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dream mornings and goal setting..

 A part of the Hello Mornings challenge is setting goals for your mornings. Once you know the why (which is the most important part) you must figure out the what. What are your goals? What would your ideal morning look like? So as your thinking about that let me share mine.

(Imagine with me for a second.. sun rising, birds singing, oh and I look beautiful as I awake from a deep nights sleep, not a hair gone astray nor a piece of drool falls from my face)

Got it? Ok...

My ideal morning includes me waking up well rested. My workout clothes are already laid out so I jump into those first thing. I tell Scott good morning and look in on the kids. Aww so quiet!! A fresh pot of coffee awaits me. Thank God for coffee pots easily set the night before. I get our coffee ready just in time for Scott to meet me at the table. We dont say much, because sitting across from each other is enough. However we take a moment to read the bible together and share a laugh about something from the day before. Who needs a date night when you got date mornings. Then Scott prepares to leave for the day, but not before I give him a kiss and speak a prayer over him.

After he leaves I head to the recliner, blanket awaiting. The sun is not up yet, but from where Im sitting I will be able to catch the first glance of it. I open my bible. Ever faithful, God is awaiting me. Good Morning!! Thankfully I dont have to rush. He has time to speak to me and I have time to actually listen. Lotus awakes to find me in God's word while Killian's teenage self needs a little more sleep.
 I  then head to the table. Get the school stuff ready for the day. Laying it out with prayer. Lord give me patience. While Lo gets ready herself.
 By now the sun is peaking from over the horizon and the dogs are starting to rouse. So I feed them, love on them and get treated like I am the best thing in the world (Ok I have food bowls in my hand). Once their fed its time to get this heart a pumping. I turn the music on and head out the door. How nice its perfect weather!! (Remember this is my dream morning) 
 When I get back I feed the rest of the pets. Yes this is nice. Chickens are hilarious first thing in the morning & the sound of our rooster reminds me of Haiti which always makes me smile. Plus by now the cats are rubbing up against my legs begging to be petted. Killian has woke and walks out to help me. This has been typical on the mornings I wake up and go for a walk.
We walk in and work on breakfast together. Or as I like to call it Home Economics. After breakfast together at the table, I head to the shower. Aww I'm ready for the day. Kids are up & dressed, doing their chores and by the time we come back to the table the school day is ready to begin. And weve actually enjoyed each other in the process.
So that's my dream morning and if I actually get up its not such a dream. It just means I need to wake up with Scott (deep breath) at 5am. Woo.

How do I get there? Slow and steady. Right now that means waking up at 6:30. At that time I do miss waking up with Scott, but I get in time with God, a walk (when I'm not utterly terrified of the temps) and feeding the pets. However the planning gets pushed to after all that which means the school day starts much later then it needs to. So to account for that I am aiming to wake up at 6:00 for the next week.

Small goal, but great, big step towards making my dream morning a reality.

Now to the good part...

What does your dream morning look like and what small goal will you set to get there?


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