Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Mornings Challenge...

As of a few days ago I am officially an accountability captain for the Hello Mornings Challenge which is a laugh to be honest because...
  1. I'm basically lazy. I mean I seriously love sleep and seriously hate exercise. Not that I haven't been known to hike a 11mile trail, which my family fondly calls the hell trail, but in general your more than likely going to find me on the couch. 
  2. I procrastinate like no ones business. Like my homeschooled kids perhaps might not graduate and our electricity has been turned off because I put off paying the bill. Not today but sometime in the not so distant past.
  3. I'm anxious and grumpy. That's the funny one because as the blog name suggests its about all of the joy. Well joy is hard earned for me, because my tendency is to walk around with a scowl on my face. Its not exaggerating to say I constantly have to remind myself to be nicer to my kids and husband.
You know all the things that should disqualify me from encouraging others to be diligent in rising early, spending time with God, exercising and planning. But on the other hand what qualifies us to rise to a challenge are our weakness'. I mean we say, Rise to a Challenge, which implies we weren't there already. We had to rise up, get moving and do the things that didn't come naturally to us. And if it came naturally; well then it wouldn't be a challenge.

So I'm rising to the challenge and asking you to join me, but first take a look right here and find out what it's all about. Go ahead, do it!!

Now that you know a little more let me share a little of what its not...

Its not about rules or being perfect. If you work out at night then keep doing that, but make sure to put that plan into action early in the day. Remember that whole grace thing, well we will be practicing that. Its more about making steps forward that fit your life.

Its not about waking before dawn. Its about getting a start on the day instead of waking to chaos. Perhaps you work til 3 in the morning and your day doesn't start til noon. That's fine. Its still your morning and it still holds its on challenges that can be helped by rising a little earlier, spending time with God, getting some exercise and planning the day ahead.

There you have it. What it is and what it is not, but if your like me you probably have more questions which I will answer below. Like how to join my group, what you need to get started, Etc. Etc. Hopefully you will choose to rise to the challenge with me. I know I need a little encouragement myself.

Much love.

When does the challenge start? The challenge starts Jan 28th and runs throughout the remainder of winter, but register early to make sure your in on all the action.

How do I sign up for the challenge? To sign up for the challenge and join my Hello Mornings Challenge group go here and follow the directions listed.

What else do I need to do?
  1. Sign up for the Hello Mornings email by going here. This will give you access to all the blog updates, ongoing tips and encouragement. Plus you will get great resources to help you along the way.
  2. Join your fellow morning risers on Twitter (see info below).
  3. Look at the great resources Hello Morning's has to offer.
  4. Check your twitter account everyday for more info and updates
How do I join the action on twitter?
  1. Sign up for your own account if you don't have one already and then follow me by clicking here. If that doesn't work you can discover me by typing in @allofthejoy. 
  2. Once your signed up and following me introduce yourself and start sharing your experiences, but make sure to add the hashtag #awakeosleeper to the tweet so it goes out to all the other participants. This is our groups personal hashtag for the Hello Mornings Challenge. You can also add #hellomornings to be a part of whole community.
Do I need to be on twitter to be a part of the group? Twitter is where we will offer encouragement along the way and perhaps post pics of our awesome mornings, but you don't have to join twitter if you don't want to. I will also be posting info to facebook, on here and by email. But a twitter account will put you right in the middle of the action and let you connect with others in our group by using the hashtag #awakeosleeper. If you need more info on twitter let me know. 

Will I need anything? Hello Mornings is amazing in that it provides all the resources  you will need including bible studies if you choose to use them. Basically all you need is a willing heart, a bible and perhaps lots of coffee. 

What is an accountability captain? That's a fancy way of saying I will keep you updated about everything's that going on and will encourage you to stick with us on this journey. It also means I'm heading up a little group of ladies that share a common goal.


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