Friday, June 15, 2012

Project 52: Week 13.....

This past week (May 28th-June 3)

  • made a plan to stay on top of the everyday chores & activities
  • did a pretty good job of staying on top of them.
  • organized our bills and came to the conclusion that I need a job. Who wants to pay me for exploring Pinterest??
  • barely saved another chicken as the dog tried to take it out of my hands. Airi is a chicken killer.
  • was called the bible guru by a friend. Yep thats me official bible guru. Not .Just dont ask what the question was that sparked this conversation.
  • realized that in the process of God teaching me that I wasn't all bad that I had started believing I was all good. Sadly forgetting the person I was and how if not for Christ I would still be her.
  • started opening my eyes again to God in the little details. Yes he is there!!
  • started seeing people as they are and not through a set of rules and laws. Ok Im still working on that. 
  • went on a date night with Scott that included taking Airi to Seven Islands Refuge (she also loves rabbits), Taco Bell and a movie at home. Perfect!!
  • took Lotus and her friend Cinna yardselling and to get doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. 
  • made a meal plan from my Pinterest recipes.
  • visited with my friends Chantay, Lynne and Trish 
  • started back with my guitar lessons after a week hiatus.
  • was almost trampled by Luly various times throughout the week. The dog is hyper!!
The kids...
  • enjoyed some much needed pool time.
  • spent the night with friends and had friends spend the night. 
  • got some sun. Killian got a little too much sun. 
  • helped out around the house and got used to their new chore assignments.
  • has joined a new men's group at church and is really enjoying it. I am very happy!! 

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