Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 52: Week 5

Project 52 (April 2nd-8th)...

Since I am a little behind this will be this past, past week:

  •  had fun with the paper hats at Long John Silver's. Oh who am I kidding. I had fun with the paper hat and the kids were horrified by my antics.
    I speak fish. Gangsta fish. :-)
  • (the kids and I) ate lunch with the grandparents and recieved their yearly Easter presents from them.
  • watched my sister's cat while she was out of town.
  • enjoyed our evening thunderstorms because they rinsed away the pollen.
  • suffered with allergies all week.
  • stayed up too late every night and paid the price the next day
  • destroyed ant colonies that decided they liked our house a little too much
  • prepared for our camping trip
  • had some great laughs this week as a family
  • awoke to Luly being covered in hives and swollen one day. Which was cured with a bath and Benadryl. Why did I not get pictures??
  • realized having animals puts a dent in our spontaneous trips, but brings a whole lot of fun to daily life
  • finally got to go on our long awaited camping trip to Big South Fork.
  • set up our tent in the rain and cold. Ugh
  • woke up freezing cold while camping and realized I had brought way to few warm clothes
  • had a blast with our friends the Browns camping and also made some new ones.
  • listened to our new friend Savee tell us about the horrors of growing up in Cambodia after Vietnam and was given a new appreciation for our lives. However we were also reminded of the urgency of spreading the gospel
  • sang praises to our God fireside
  • ate way too much food which made my belly very happy. Especially when we Marshmallow Peep Smores. Yum!!
  • hiked to Angel Falls and saw quite a few snakes.
  • celebrated the Ressurection fellowshipping with friends.
  • continues to play way too many video games
  • bothered me about going camping everyday
  • learned alot about caring for a home
  • did a great job helping set up the campsite and taking it down
  • loved the bike ride, but thought he was going to die because of the length and difficulty of the trail
  • explored the campground with his friend Nicholas. God knows what kind of trouble they got into, but at least they werent playing video games.
  • still loves getting an Easter basket.
  • made sure to tell me everyday what she wanted in her spring basket
  • helped me clean out the chicken coop and catch them to put them up
  • begged me everyday for the new Dorky Diary book
  • read everyday 
  • had to say her bedtime prayers every night :-)
  • was very happy when she found Dorky Diary Book 3 in her Easter basket.
  • cleaned out the chicken coop which was a job and a half
  • turned the compost after adding the chicken droppings and was amazed at the amount of worms
  • cleaned weeds out of the front garden, but feel its a never ending battle
  • finally took pics of the finished coop which hasn't been painted and isn't too pretty, but only cost $12 to make. Perhaps in the future we will make something nicer.
  • spent way too much time on Pinterest again
  • went shopping with Christy to get ready for the camping trip and had lots of laughs
  • packed, cleaned and wore myself out preparing for the camping trip
  • enjoyed listening to Savee's stories and her love for God
  • had a fire reignited for God's word
  • realized I lack a sense of urgency when it comes to sharing the gospel
  • went on a wonderful walk with Christy & Savee.
  • slept like a rock while camping
  • was happy to come home cause I missed my chickens and the puppy. Yep its offical Im becoming one of those people. 
  • didn't take one picture during the camping trip which makes me the worse blogging scrapper on the face of the earth.
  • got the bikes ready for some weekend riding
  • helped find someone to watch the chickens
  • got way too little sleep again, but the camping trip helped
  • was in desperate need of this camping trip 
  • hated the set up of the tent, but loved waking up to cowboy coffee in the great outdoors.
  • biked with Kevin and the boys. Then came back to the campsite worn out and happy. 
  • took the girls for a night hike looking for snakes and nocturnal creatures.
  • took the kids exploring during the daytime.

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