Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am a creature of habit and although I love new experiences my heart craves something constant. Something that records the passage of time and brings a rhythm to life. I guess that's why I love traditions. I love the things that stand as a reminder of the past, joy in the present and hope in the future.

I love the way God has placed his own constants in creation; the sun will rise, the sun will set, winter must come, but spring will follow. So for me each season holds its own mystery, but also its own common theme. I also love how traditions have a significance all their own depending on the people involved and for that reason I have left many traditions to the past or reinvented them.

I want memories that can only be captured in scents, sounds, taste and texture. Things that cannot be caught in a photograph, but must be revisited in the heart.

For my family each season holds its on traditions (its own set of heart held photographs) that have been known to change over the years, but have provided that sense of constant I crave. And one of my favorite things is sharing those traditions with others. So in the year ahead I am going to take the time to share my families traditions with you and also share some others that might fit your family better.

I will make it a habit to share more of my own life with you and would love if you shared in a comment some of your own traditions.

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