Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love beyond me...

Sometimes I get confused. I forget what love looks like or choose to ignore it. Sometimes I'm just plain lazy and doing the work of loving others, loving creation is just too much. More often than not Ive applied my own rules to what loving means and I forget that to love like Jesus transforms all of me. It will and should transform the way I treat the little things. All my personal preferences and opinions laid waste before the awesomeness of his love.

Oh how I wish that would happen in a moment. Then the working of loving others, loving creation, wouldn't have to be so hard, but it is. I have to wake up everyday and apply the principle of love to my whole life not just parts of it. I have to apply to it the way I treat my kids, my husband, even my pets. I have to apply the principle of love to my choices. How do my purchases, my choice of cleaners, cars, everything affect the world that God created and named as good? See often we do good at loving one thing but not another. We are able to love the poor orphan, but neglect loving those closest to us and we will even use scripture to justify it. Or as is most common we love those closest to us and neglect loving the less fortunate.

Ultimately a love that is big enough to sacrifice a son is a love that is big enough to love all. It is big enough to care for creation, care for the poor and care for the family God gave us. One is not exclusive to the other or contradictory to the other. It enables me to love even in the face of my many personal preferences. After all love is not based on what or who I prefer. The need for love, this longing to be known, is at the very core of all creation...animals, humans, earth. It cries out to be filled beyond the common needs of food, water, shelter. So I wake today and try because that's all I can do sometimes. Tomorrow I might need to be reminded because as I said before sometimes I get confused. Sometimes I choose to forget what love really looks like. Most of the time I'm just plain lazy, but today I choose to look through the eyes of Jesus and love.

Love life. Love people (both poor and wealthy). Love animals. Love heaven and earth. Love beyond me!!

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