Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tres belle....

Tree of Life Orphanage (photo taken by Shannon Kelley)
I imagine my past has something to do with my absolute need to make certain every little girl knows she's beautiful. Because no matter how many times I heard it as a child or teen everything else spoke that I was not. My actions impure, this soul dirty, this person imperfect. So when a little boy came up to me in Luly pointing at what I assumed was his sister's crooked teeth, laughing and making ugly faces, I could only respond beautiful. She was beautiful and I stroked her face and softly said, "Tres belle, Tres belle, Tres belle." As if saying it more than once would make it stick like glue.

Honestly though she was beautiful and perfect and full of hope. Every single one of them were and days later when surrounded by a swell of little souls I would whisper it to them, “Tres belle, Tres belle, Tres belle.”

(Photo taken by Shannon Kelley)
Not to be outdone, God made sure that this little girl knew it as well. So sitting amongst a group of girls, that thought it was wonderful that I would let them give me corn rolls, I heard  the words whispered to me, “Tres belle, Tres belle, Tres belle." And sitting in my lap, well more like climbing all over me, was this precious little thing speaking truth over me. Blessing me with her words.

Very painful, but well worth it. (Photo taken by Shannon Kelley)
 Truth is I have never seen more beauty nor felt more beautiful than when I was in Haiti. Covered with dirt and dust, sweating, filthy, but oh so beautiful.

Oh so beautiful you say
and I hide my face
believing it has always been hard

Oh so beautiful I whisper
please hear it
this is your truth or it should be

Oh so beautiful it is
this God's grace
finally seeing, taking it as mine

breathing it in

it is, Oh so beautiful!

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