Monday, August 22, 2011

Beans and rice....

For some reason I have this song going through my head today..."Beans and rice, beans and rice, mama never makes the same things twice." Only thing is Im not sure if thats a real song or yet another one of my crazy mixed up melodies, but it did get me thinking about some of our wonderful meals in Haiti. My favorite being this Haitian version of beans and rice which is nothing like what Im used to, but which is now one of my favorites.

photo taken by Shannon Kelley
 Can I say yummy? Sadly I wasnt brave enough to try the goat "balls" (not of the testicular variety). Aww too bad, maybe next time. However I was able to try some pickly which is like coleslaw with a kick  and two of the best beverages I have ever tasted.. Wahoo Bay fruit punch and Lime Juice.

pickly is right in front of the ranch dressing. oh and is this not an awesome photo?
photo taken by Shannon Kelley
Limes after being squeezed dry to make our lime juice. This was a time consuming
process that the Haitian staff did 3 times during the week for us.
photo taken by Shannon Kelley

Me, Brad and Roberson at Wahoo Bay with the fruit punch in the forefront. Yum.
Photo taken by Shannon Kelley

 Of course the best part of the meal was the company and the simple ritual that came with sitting down to eat with friends. Okay who am I kidding, it was the food.
Dont ask me about my strange pose. For some reason this was my go
to pose throughout the trip.
photo taken by Shannon Kelley

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