Monday, March 22, 2010


Its been an eventful week.... lots of things have taken place that were so clearly the hand of God that it leaves me a little frightened. Im not sure I am willing to do all that God ask of me. Although in the moment it feels more natural to obey than not to. I wonder if the thing that keeps us from seeing the hand of God is our own selfishness, because to see it means that your life will be changed. Seeing God in all his fullness means seeing the purpose for which we were created & we werent created to fulfill our own dreams. We were created to fulfill the dream of God.... to bring back the whole of creation into a relationship with God.
Yesterday morning I was ready to commit to my own sefish course, but thankfully God opened my eyes (hit me over the head ) enough to see where he was at work. That is really all thats needed is leaving room for him to work. It is scheduling our days with the knowledge that God has every right to ask us to change our plans. God might ask us to leave our families & serve him by serving others. God might ask us to reevaluate our commitments & take a completely different path. Even saying it makes me shake inside because its not easy & it definently goes against all that the world teaches.There's even a certain loneliness to it, because few people will choose to walk that path with you.You spend your whole life trying to fit in & then once God calls you..... you spend the rest your life trying to be different. God ask us to take a look outside the confines of our lives, our childrens lifes, our comfortable lifes & walk with him where ever he chooses to take us.  


  1. This was actually written a few weeks ago, but I had forgotten to post it. Reading it again Im reminded of all those emotions that filled me then.... the beauty of a perfect God.

  2. Amen sister. God makes everything good. And it's our mortal duty to fully Him and we'd be stupid to not tap into His majesty.


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