Thursday, January 9, 2014

All of the Joy

Last night this song kept playing through my head, the song that would become the title to my blog years ago and stay with me through the years. And in that numb, happy, broken, half crazy moment last night after the falling and fun I sang it to my friend and shared the story behind it much to her distress Im sure. Lucky for you (not) I thought I'd share with you guys as well. See this song was the anthem for a very hard, beautiful and mostly drunken time in my life, but sitting on the beach by myself in the dark 20yrs ago I poured out these words to a Savior I didnt fully understand. Because even in that place, far from this lady I am now He was all of the joy. And the crazy train I was on was still painted with this wonderful love story that had Jesus as the leading man and me His love. Now 20 yrs later I read these words and realize it was not just the anthem of that time in my life, but the anthem of my life with Him because He has always offered the most gentle touches, He has always got to me and He has always wrote the best songs into my life. So sitting here tonight (oh how I wish it was on a beach under the moon) I wrap myself tight and pretty and wait for Him to show, I uncork myself and let myself pour out. 

All Of The Joy by Sun-60 on Grooveshark

Well I wrap myself up tight and pretty
I found the finest bow
And I wrapped it tight around my body
As I waited for him to show

I have laid the mines near a field of dreams I know
You walked right through and take me far from here
And it's only fitting that all of this should happen at one time
Though the world is spinning out of control
I guess it's all right I lose my mind
He says he needs another sip from the fountain of his youth
I'll uncork myself and let myself spill out

This is all of the joy
This is all of the joy

With each and every day I hope to capture all the light
All the memories we have created, oh they have given me life
And all of his botherings, his sweet and gentle touches
They call to me and kiss me goodnight

This is all of the joy (Mm-mmm)
Well it's hard to describe all the love I have inside
And it's hard to add all of the tears I've to cry
And the songs we've written under the moon are so full, so bright
Dreams can only outshine the light

I had no idea how much effect one could have on me
He gets to me
He gets to me
He gets to me
He gets to me
He's opened up
He's opened up my soul

This is all of the joy
This is all of the joy

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