Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm going to admit something. I hate cooking. But I love Pinterest and all the great ideas and recipes. So who knows if my breakfast's keep on consisting of delicious meals like these sugar cookies bars I might just have found my new hobby. The pictures don't do it justice so let me describe it for you. The frosting consisted of 4c of powdered sugar, a half a cup of butter, vanilla and shortening all whipped together in yummy goodness and topped with sprinkles. And the crust was a sugar cookie base (made from scratch) with tons of sugar and butter for those of us looking to add a few pounds.

Yep, delicious, fattening and oh so good. This is the kind of new years resolution I can stick with; make or bake the items I pin on pinterest. So far I have made Coca Cola cake (not impressed), peanut butter cake (decadent), bacon pancakes (must I say anything else) and a spaghetti casserole that was unbelievably good. I think this is one social media site my husband doesn't mind me being on, but my bottom my have another opinion.

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