Monday, August 8, 2011

A little bit at a time..

The blog title says it all. I am sorting though all I saw and felt a little bit at a time. I am getting used to being at home a little bit at a time and I will probably only be able to put words to what I experienced a little bit at a time.

I guess its those little bits, little moments, that have affected me in the biggest ways. Like the moment in the village of Luly where we were clearing out a field of garbage to make room for a soccer field and basically by this point all of our nerves were shot. Our patience had been tested and we were all beyond tired and hot, but we were faced with this gigantic task...put up soccer goals and move a gigantic pile of trash, shovel by shovel, with only 2 shovels and one wheel barrow.

However, God being God, had an agenda all his own that had very little to do with a garbage pile in the middle of a tiny village in Haiti. He saw that for all of our apparent American wealth we had only managed to contain our trash to the inside. In the dark places of our heart, in the selfish attitudes of our actions and in the hurry of our fast paced, get it done life's.

We had even bigger messes to contend with, we had trash piles covered over with nice clothes, nice homes and big cars. We had lives that knew very little about being the body of Christ, but we have a God that has the patience and strength to stand before a great task and see it through to the end. And in that moment, shovel in hand, digging my way through the trash, I knew it was worth it to let him do what he does best. Let him use us to help the have-nots and in the act of doing so clear out our own garbage a little bit at a time.

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