Saturday, February 12, 2011

The gifts 53 - 73

53. baby bumps especially on other people
54. seeing family you havent seen in a long time
55. big brother looking more and more like your dad every time you see him
56. nieces that still want to give you hugs
57. making up funny baby names
58. curls in your little girls hair
59. your baby growing up
60. bright blue skies
61. long days spent with friends and family
62. snow on distant mountains
63. being able to say I love you
64. knowing I am loved
65. portabello di ravioli and breadsticks
66. the sound of childrens laughter
67. a friends little girl who wants to sit in your lap for the first time
68. little girl hugs
69. 3 happy girls singing in the backseat
70. a new bed
71. the promise of new life
72. the color blue like sky and sea
73. the color red like candied apples
74. boots made for walking

Join me in naming grace.

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