Friday, February 11, 2011

The gifts 21-52....

21. cheese grits done right
22. second, third, fourth, fifth chances
23. pain that makes me know Im alive
24. all my toes (dont ask)
26. friends to work out with both physically and spiritually
27. late, late afternoon sunlight that blinds you on the way home.
28. making funny cell phone pictures with the family while enjoying dinner out
29. ice cold diet coke
30. steam rooms and deep prayer
31. sweat that glistens and drips
32. Scott coming home to me everyday
33. days that end in much needed sleep
35. learning something new
36. the soft touch of a 83 yr old lady whose hands are weathered by the years
37. bedside prayer
38. hearing my lil girl sing Our God Reigns
39. hearing my lil girl sing almost anything
40. seeing my 13yr old smile
41. having my 13yr old put his head on my shoulder even though he's trying to kiss up to me
42. the cat that comes to me every night and warms my feet as I watch tv
43. a good pair of jeans
44. a good pair of jeans on my favorite man
45. stretching bodies slowly waking up
46. cat meowing to get out
47. waking in the night to the family safe in their beds
48. the smell of coffee
49. a house small enough to clean in an hour
50. a house big enough to hold all the love inside
51. a splash of cold water
52. sparkly clean teeth after brushing

Join me in naming grace.

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