Sunday, December 26, 2010

The "whole" truth...

I wanted to do something different for the new year because in a way I'm starting out this new year with a lot of the same old emotions. Emotions that have their root in the lies Ive come to believe about myself. Some that I thought were long gone and some that are just starting to come to the surface. These are the darker thoughts. The more painful memories. The fearful places of my heart and mind. These are the things that I try to keep to myself, because their not pretty, but these are the places that need to be exposed to the light. So I have decided that this is what I will do. I will lay them before you and in so doing lay them before God.

Why? Because maybe your own journey is filled with these same wounds? After all our stories might not be the same, but the weapons the devil uses are. If so your welcome to come along as I expose the lies one by one to the light. Many of them have already been replaced by truth and I share them only out of the hope that you yourself would find some healing too. Others still need to be laid before the cross where sins are forgiven, wounds are healed and we start to see ourselves through the eyes of God. Whole!!

That's something I've come to know more of in the past 2 years, but its also something I fear I will never find. I want to be whole and healthy. I want a life that is whole and not fragmented by my fears and insecurities. I want freedom from the lies and to know the whole of his love. A love that accepts the whole of me; dirty parts and all.

What lies ahead for me is yet to be seen, but I know that God set me free so that I would never be burdened again by the weight of the enemies lies. He set you free for the same reason; so that you would know wholeness like you've never known. That you and me could know the truth and be set free by it.

The whole of my life being given.
The whole of my heart exposed.
The whole of my past forgiven.
The whole of his love unfolds.

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