Saturday, August 14, 2010

The price of savings......

Let me share with you the joys of couponing. Awww sweet savings!! There really is nothing like paying almost seventy five dollars less on your groceries. Especially when you dont have that extra $75 to spend. So behold the power of coupons......

$15.00 WORTH OF FOOD FOR ONLY $5.49 
There are people out there who could have done better, but Im pretty proud considering Im a newbie. However thats not all I got. Wait for it, here it comes....

$21.00 WORTH OF FOOD FOR $9.70
This batch is not the one Im most proud of simply because it could have been cheaper. I made a major savings mistake & failed to check if everything was ringing up right. I found out later that the Totino's had been rung up wrong & one of my coupons hadnt been taken off. Oh well I still saved some dough. In fact the Warm Delights & one of the Quaker rice cakes were free after coupons. You cant beat free. Now on to our stash of cereals & some more snacks. All non generic (which really doesnt mean much to me) & enough to last me for 2 months if not more. Perhaps we will have cereal for dinner a few nights....
$22.00 WORTH OF FOOD FOR $7.00

To put this in perspective I only paid $1 a box for the Cheerio's & the rest ($3) was on the other 4 fruit snacks. My mom could not get over the $1 cereal & the kids were in heaven when they saw all the cereal & snacks I brought home. To be honest we just dont do that normally because we dont have the money after getting all the other groceries.
 So what is the secret?! Well all you need to do is combine coupons (both paper & electronic) with things at there lowest price. Which means you might buy 2 months worth of cereal one week & the next you might buy all your cans or boxed food. It all depends upon whats on sale to begin with. The funny part is once you go over to couponing you notice everyone else that has been bitten by the bug. Its like some deep secret you share when you notice the lady carrying the coupon folder. Oh & if you think I must have wasted all day. Well I only was in the store for about an hour & I spent about an hour getting all my coupons loaded online & printing them off. All in all with the other groceries I got I should have spent $130, but I ended up spending $58. Thats like being paid $72 for 2 hours of work (1 hr organizing/ 1 hr shopping). Not too bad!
If your wondering how you can save this much money go on over to:
The goddess of shopping herself, Jenny, will guide you in how to save the most money. This comes with a warning..... you will never be able to pay full price again. You will also be one of those crazy ladies with the coupons all over her buggie & dancing at the check out line. I guess there could be worse things to be like starving because you cant afford groceries. Happy Savings!!


  1. OK girl. You have to teach Aunty Pirate the joys of couponing.

  2. Ah man. I just left a big old long comment and it got erased.

    The jist. Good job. Love it. Love Jenny at southernsavers. Everybody is poor and everybody is using coupons it seems.

    I bought the same stuff today so you know you shopped just right because I am the expert!


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