Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just say the word.... any word!!

 This was made from words randomly given to me by my facebook friends. A project in creativity. Enjoy.

 It seems the world has got the best of me & I struggle to find any peace. If I were a bird I would fly away. I would spend my days soaring high over all that troubles me. I would seek solace in nature. Yet this is a dream unfulfilled for insomnia has filled my nights and it is not in my nature to be at peace for long. Perhaps what ails me are the words I fail to speak over myself, because everyone knows that the bird is "THE WORD". I will never be a bird. I will never fly high above my troubles in my own strength. Yet the word gives me wings. It might not be in my nature to be at peace, but it is in his. It is in his him that I soar over all that troubles me. So I sit here feasting on the nectar of  God, coffee in hand & the word in my heart. It is here that I find my happy place. It is here that I find my peace.


  1. Ha, you even worked in my bird is the word :)

  2. He is the word and He is peace. So true. But, they do make medication to help you sleep too. :)

    Next time I read the word, I am going to imagine myself as a bird soaring over all my the imagery.


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