Friday, July 30, 2010

The Simple Life

Too many days I spend my time avoiding the everyday chores and way too much time wandering the internet. I wonder why that is? What am I looking for out there that isnt waiting for me right here? Most likely it is just one more weapon in my arsenal of procrastination. Still there is something that draws me out and when I give myself to it I find such joy. There is a  simple life where all I have to be is mom and wife. Not Martha Stewart! There are simple parts of a simple day that make for simple times. Simply the best times! There is a slow pace of life where you awake at dawn to spend time with your maker & then get on to the business at hand. Simple business..... like making a living, like waking the family, like doing the simplest of chores with diligence. Yes it can be this simple! So I simplify my life into a simple work week with flexibility at its center. Knowing that this life is where joy lives. Very simply right where Im at.

  • Sabbath Sunday
  • Mow & make on Monday (do yardwork, go shopping for specials & produce needed, make & freeze meals)
  • Totally clean on Tuesday
  • Wash Wednesday
  • Tend & mend on Thursdays (iron & make repairs to clothes as needed, tend to bills)
  • Forage on Friday (go shopping for groceries)
  • Simplify on Saturday (make repairs & clean out as needed or simply enjoy all Gods given you)

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