Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Song

Ive been lucky enough to witness some changes in the lifes of those I know lately.
Most are good..... the birth or adoption of a new child (congrats to both Rachel's and to Greg), the happy news of a soon to be born baby (what a wonderful mom you will make Sarah) and the unexpected oppurtunity of a new job (Good luck to both Janiece and Greg).
Most are the changes that we look forward too, live for.
Their those moments in life where praise slips easily from our lips.
Others are what bad dreams are made of.... the falling apart of families, the betrayel of a friend, the painful news that they have found a tumor and we dont know if he will make it, the loss of jobs, a parent, a child.
Yet what struck me this morning was that there is something new to be learned about our God in all these things. Although painfully at times, we are given a new song to sing. We, if willing, are taught something about our God that we had not seen before.
We might have believed that God was an Almighty Creator, but we come to know him as such when we hold our child for the first time.
We might have thought of our God as comforter, but we only know him as our comforter in the midst of our deepest pain.
I have come to know my God as healer because I have seen him heal me from my past. Heal my marriage. Heal my family. I can call him repairer of broken things because he has repaired my broken life.
I know him personally in this way & I know as time goes on I will come to learn even more about him.
What do you know him as? Not what have you read about him. Not what others have said about him. Not what you know you should say about him.
Who is God to you today?
What new song have you been given?
"Sing to the Lord a new song!" Psalm 96:1


  1. I know that my life without Him truly is Hell on earth. Thanks for the shout out girl!

  2. God is and always will be my Heavenly Father who watches over me carefully. He hears and answers each of my prayers. He is loving, kind, patient, and always pushes me harder to do better and become more like Him. Because I would never want to disappoint Him because He is like a million times more special to me than the best thing I can imagine which is a pretty perfect Grandpa type.

    God is also the Son of God, my brother, the Savior of mankind who atoned for all of my sins, shortcomings, weaknesses, hurts, disappointments, and pains. He brings me through everything good and bad and lifts me up to a higher plain. He is the magical mediator between me and my Heavenly Father and he pays all of my debts so that someday only BECAUSE of HIM I will enter into the presence of Him and my Father in a perfect state with endless joy and peace.

    Lately, my new song has been more patience with others weaknesses.

    In the past year he has also given me the ability to forgive, the healing of my broken heart, the strength to carry on, the hope for better, the reminder to count my blessings, the charity to love, the knowledge to conquer fears and shortcomings, the giver of all things good, and my everlasting Creator, who not only created me, but all of my beautiful children and the amazing world where I live.

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