Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Loving Knoxville

I just wanted to do a city shout out. O.K. Im not sure if thats what they call it. Its one of those...... "Yeah, Yeah, all the hood rats from North Knox, gangsta 2010." No I am not smoking anything.
Im just feeling a little nostalgic about this wonderful city Ive come to call home. Dont get me wrong I have fond memories of Florida....... I grew up there, I met Scott there, & Killian was born there, but this is home. This is the place where we've planted roots. This is the place where the majority of my good memories have sprung..... night hikes, salamander hunts, summer pool time. This is the place where I found my church family, made friends I plan on keeping & found parts of myself I didnt knew existed. There are too many people to mention, but you know who you are because I hug you every Sunday.I am proud to share my life with you all.
I knew the very first day I ventured out into my new city 10 years ago that this was home. There was a warmth in the people. There was a get to know you attitude that fit me just fine. I remember the first time I saw sleet and hung my head out the window like a dog. I remember thinking that summer haze had to be a fire, but then realizing "Duh its called the smokies for a reason." I remember driving by and seeing the rental sign in the window of our now house. Only 2 weeks earlier I had driven by it and wished that I could find a house like that to rent. God was listening. Our little (thats an understatement) white house has seen the birth of Lotus & the strengthening of our family through Christ. I remember going to the blockbuster and having an employee remember us by name everytime we came in. Then watching him change jobs yet still being happy to see us when we came in. Now he is someone who I consider a friend and who I know cares for my family. Yeah Mike Im talking about you.
You dont get that everywhere.You dont get the library ladies who read to your kids at storytime 8 years ago and still ask about them everytime they see you. You dont always get neighbors who you love and who you consider family. By the way Tracy thanks for many fun memories, deep conversations and keeping my bra safe that first night we talked. Also thanks Cissy for being a second aunt to my kids, for exposing Lotus to the Naughty Knots and for being there during many cat emergencies. I guess that last one would go to both of you. I would like to consider myself part of the clan which is known as the Pirkles.
You dont always get a school with teachers and staff that you loved and who you knew loved your kids. Go Norwood Tigers!
This is home to us. These are the people we love. The land I still cant wait to explore. The place we didnt know we needed.
This is Knoxville. Well I should say this is east Tennessee. (Im humming the local news station song right now. If your local you know which one Im talking about because you might have cried to it before.)
This is home!

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  1. I'm glad you found TN as well.


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