Monday, September 28, 2009


I just got through reading a blog by a young lady living in Uganda who although only 20 is raising about 14 kids in a foster care home. I don't know if its the weather or my mood, but something about this story is really hitting me. Sometimes I wish I was off giving away all I had, caring for those that have less than me & basically living out my beliefs in some grand way. Truth is, its not the grand things that are the hardest. Its the everyday living that gets the best of us. I might have the strength to give my life to save another, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my pride with those closest to me. That's the sad part. Be the martyr & your sacrifice becomes your reward. Choose to give over your right to live how you want too, allow something to roll off your shoulder or forgive the person that hurts you. Well that's a different story, God wouldn't dare ask us to do that. Would he?
Like I said before it might just be the weather. Something about the cool air that makes you want to start anew. Something about the change of seasons that makes you want to change, but right this moment I want to give it all. I want to make the sacrifice not somewhere out there, but right here. I want to face the day with the same faith that it must take that young girl living in Uganda. Its a faith that is lived out with courage. Its a faith that actually believes what it claims to belief, because in the end you cant fake that. You can't put on your Sunday best & wear your religion like you wear your jeans. Comfortably!!! You cant carry your cross & then bang everybody else over the head with it. Rather skillfully I might add!! You have to be changed by it or what's the use of having it at all!? Beliefs that don't change you or nothing more than opinions & do we really need anymore of those. I don't!

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