Monday, February 14, 2011

The gifts 88-116...

88. dancing with friends and barely getting out of breath
89. candlelit valentine's dances
90. a church family I love
91. Killian sitting beside a girl he likes
92. Killian getting his first valentines gift for a girl
93. talking to friends over dinner
94. sharing laughs with good people
95. people willing to serve
96. having 10 yrs olds show you new dance moves
97. four o'clock shadows
98. sun warm on your face
99. warm, sunny days in February
100. captured memories
101. birthday wishes for my little girl
102. christian book stores
103. praise music playing loud
104. mother/daughter shopping days
105. my valentines birthday girl
106. getting breakfast ready for the kids
107. red creme soda mustaches
108. having friends you can count on
109. grace worth naming
110. praise during practice
111. taking the hubby lunch and having him kiss you
112. text messages from friends
113. quick ways to say I love you
114. long ways to say I love you
115. John 3:16
116. a crazy love

Join me in naming grace.

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