Friday, February 25, 2011

The gifts 144- 160......

144. the familiar hug of the bed
145. late night storms that send the 13yr old to our room
146. cousins coming over for the weekend
147. waking to good news
148. feeling God close by
149. new insight into old things
150. ibuprofen for old backs 
151. backs strong enough to hold the world
152. not having to be strong enough to hold the world
153. learning humility from a gentle teacher
154. utter dependence on God
155. a newly baptized little girl who holds on to her bible for dear life
156. prayers written in chalk by little hands friendships
158. old friendships
159. the gift of gratitude
158. swaying trees
159.seeing prayer answered in his way not mine 
160. the fullness of Christ

Join me in naming grace.

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