Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fewer words...

I am struggling to write lately. Struggling to find the right words. Struggling to finish complete thoughts. Struggling in general.

At a time when I have more thoughts than ever going through my mind I cant put any of them to paper (or blog). So I will stop trying and instead fall into the grace of the hear and now. Afterall complete thoughts arent all there cracked up to be. Complete thoughts tend to think the growing is done. They tend to have their own opinions of which God is seldom a part of. They go on witch hunts in which we are the righteous seeking to seek out that which we have discerned.

In the quiet there is learning to be done. In the hear and now there is grace to be found.

I am struggling to be right lately. Struggling to find the "write" words. Struggling to start incomplete thoughts. Struggling in general.

At a time when I should be having fewer words than ever going through my mind I try to put more to paper. So I will stop and let grace be my guide. Let the words of peace be my anchor. Let the hear and now be my teacher. Name that which needs to be named. Let God write/right the story and heal the struggle.

1. fewer words with more meaning
2. not having it all figured out
3. not having to be judge and jury
4. warm cup of coffee in cold hands
5. a son that isnt finished growing
6. a daughter that has given her life to Jesus
7. a saviour that we can give our lifes too
8. a place to share my thougts or my lack of thoughts
9. unexpected time off
10. people to practice patience with
11. insecurities being brought to the surface
12. healing
13. evidence of spring in and out
14. a house to clean
15. sore muscles after a hard workout
16. prayer for friends
17. a God who hears
18. the bare bones of trees against a sunlit sky
19. a fire that keeps me going
20. grace for the hear and now

Interested in joing me in naming grace?

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  1. I can't remember what numbers I'm on, because I started January 1st. But,

    Making mistakes
    Breaking dawn
    The sound of silence


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